Tuesday, August 5, 2008

mini vacay

Our dear friends Adam and Julie gave us free tickets to attend the Monday practice round for the PGA Championship in Detroit this weekend so we took them and headed off for an overnight excursion, kid free! Julie's parents belong to Oakland Hills where the tournament is being held and it is NICE. We left on Sunday to play some golf, have a nice dinner and see a movie. It was heaven. The course we played was very nice. Chris was especially fond of the refill system at the course restaurant. The man likes his diet pepsi.

Here he is teeing off. What a stud. We were paired up with another couple who were slightly odd but fun to play with. My goal was to break 100. I shot 100. Boo.

Here is the clubhouse at the course where the Championship is being held. I have to admit that I am surprised at the number of quality golfers we saw. It was really fun. I even got some autographs.

I went just to see Stuart Appleby. The man is gorgeous. I didn't see him, but did manage to get my picture taken with him. Isn't he dreamy? Poor chris was mortified to take this picture.

Ellie stayed at Paige's house and had a great time! Paige said she was really good so I am relieved about that. The only problem however, was that Paige and Izzy gave Ellie a tramp stamp! Imagine if you will, a ginormous spongebob squarepants tattoo on her lower back, right above her little butt crack. Ellie is very proud of it. I took a picture to post on here, but it just looked wrong and too suggestive. You never know who is reading... Paige also taught her to say that she wants bodacious tata's. You should hear her say it..."I wants bodacious tata's!" Thanks Paige.

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Paige said...

You are welcome. Hope she comes back soon, we have started a list of new ways to corrupt her. By the way....
"MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB!!!!!" in case you didn't know.