Sunday, August 31, 2008

chagrin falls

It was a beautiful day Saturday. Wayne and Linda are up visiting so we met them and Paige, Ken and Izzy at Chagrin Falls for lunch and such. If I could afford it and there wasn't a residency requirement in Cleveland, this is where I would live. I LOVE it there. There is a waterfall that goes right through the center of town. Seriously. Plus there are lots of fun shops to explore and every house is picture perfect. It is like a little fairy tale town. Oh, and they have the best pizza place this side of the Mississippi. My good friend Julie and her family live there and I am slightly jealous of that.

We got there early as Ellie was up at the break of dawn. We fed the ducks, played on the playground, and checked out the falls as we were waiting for everyone. It was a good day. Of course I took lots and lots of pics.

This is part of the falls.

Ellie and Daddy feeding the ducks. Ellie has quite an arm and got most pieces to the ducks.

My new favorite pic of Ellie.

Ellie and me being silly.

Ellie looking at the falls.

Keeping busy while we wait on our food. Ken is brilliant and he and Izzy and Ellie were seeing how many rocks leaves could hold before they sunk.

This one held 6! See the water creeping in?

Ken got thirsty as we were shopping.

One last pic of the falls.

Before I forget, when Ellie woke up this morning, she ran to the window and said "Let's see what's going on in the neighborhood!" Where in the world did she learn the word "neighborhood?" What would I do without her to make me laugh every day? She is so funny.


Anonymous said...

Hi ellie I'm auntie Sheryl's friend at work Mark. Nice Blog !!

Paige said...

If my husband loses patients, you will be sued!!! Okay, actually it is pretty funny!