Wednesday, August 20, 2008

visiting tee tee

This is part-two of my "trip home" series. I think this will be my last one. I do want to give a shout out to Abby. It was great seeing you! Max is just the cutest!

I may be odd, but I have always found cemetarys to be peaceful and comforting. Chris and I decided to take Ellie to ME's zoo for a morning adventure and stopped to visit my mother at Union cemetary. (By the way, I don't go like I should and am a horrible daughter.) So we get there and Ellie sees my mom's stone and goes "Tee Tee's bench!" and climbed up on it gave it a big hug. I got a little teary. My mom would have loved her so much.

Then she and Daddy headed off to explore. I just love it out there.

Then something really creepy happened, (cue Twilight Zone music here).

Ellie: I am going to go find my friends now.
Me: You have friends here?
Ellie: Oh, I have lots of friends here Mommy.
Chris: What do they look like?
Ellie: They look like me, silly!

I took a picture as she was trying to find them to see if anything showed up, but I don't see anything. Do you?

Then we went to the zoo. Here they are making a new friend.

And this is what happens when I ask Chris to take a picture of us. He is such a pervert.

It was a good trip home. We should be back again before Christmas!

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Molly said...

You are a fabulous daughter and your Mom doesn't care if you go to the cemetery all the time....the ways you honor her are amazing! (you're doing a 60 mile walk, for crying out loud!!!!!!)

That picture is sooooooo precious....made me all teary too! I saw the neatest thing in my Family Fun magazine this month about honoring a lost parent that your kids never get to meet that made me think of you! Do you get that magazine? If not, I'll see if they have that article available online and send it to you, it would be so perfect for Ellie.