Monday, May 19, 2008

fave pics of the week

E is napping and my house is clean and I have packed as much as I can to go home. In other words, I am caught up...
Thought I would post some fave pics of the week...
I snapped this pic of my breakfast and for some reason, just love it. I am a dork, I know.
My cute girl having a snack. How bad does my porch need painted? I am taking the artsy route and saying it looks "weathered"!!!
Ellie is no where near potty training, but little girl panties are the cutest thing ever and I couldn't put off buying some any longer. Of course she peed in them. Oh, and that is a duck tattoo on her arm that was there through 4 baths. It wouldn't come off!
Waiting for Daddy to get home.
Looks like a paparazzi shot this!
She was scoping out a cute 3 year old.

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Carol Beth said...

Oh, my gosh, my favorite part of the breakfast picture is that you are using a kiddie fork. I love it! I feel like my house has been taken over by baby and toddler gear.

Thanks for reading my blog, and for sharing yours! I'm going to bookmark it...great blog.

Your little girl is so pretty! Love that hair. I'm sure you get that a lot!