Thursday, August 30, 2012


Ellie got a haircut.
We got all the yucky chlorine damage cut off.
It is short.
And curly.
And precious.
She is doing great in school.
She is so happy to be back, amongst her friends.
1st grade is serious business.
Homework every night, right from the get go.
And spelling tests.
And book reports.
Serious business.
That's all I got tonight.
It's time to read 2 stories and tuck a little girl into bed.
She already has her first school cold.
And needs her rest.
And I am hungry.
Popcorn for dinner tonight.


C. Beth said...

That is totally adorable!

Shannon said...

Please update me in like 2 weeks on how she likes her short cut. Jaden has been wanting to get hers chopped off and I'm having a hard time... I think she'll want her ponytail back. That cut looks super adorable on Ellie!!

Happy weekend :o)