Friday, August 10, 2012

things you should know

Things you should know.

1.  The pictures for this post will have nothing to do with what is being said.

2.  I am all alone this weekend.  Chris took Ellie to see his mom.
For the whole. weekend.
Whatever shall I do with myself?
3.  I have lots of fun stuff planned with my bad self.

4.  I am one pound away from my goal weight.
I just tried on my skinny jeans...and they fit!
I fear that a weekend hanging out with my friends is going to derail that.

5.  I took a nap today.
Be jealous.  It's ok.

6.  School starts in 10 days.
Summer flew by.
Like, I don't even know what happened.

7.  I was in charge of my first in-house wellness challenge at work today.
Everyone did wall squats and reverse lunges.
I learned that we are a very competitive group.
And I made people sweat right through their work attire.

8.  Ellie's hair is so damaged.
The chlorine has wrecked havoc.
I have a special shampoo on the way.
Here's hoping it works.
To get any kind of brushing device through it right now is disasterous.
There are tears and crying.

9.  I think bread and cheese and wine are in my immediate future.

10.  E and I are on the outs.
We had to have a sit down and discuss how we should treat each other.
Sadly, the talk was for me too.
It's been better since then.

11.  Atticus has crystals in his bladder.
They are expensive to get rid of.

12.  I haven't been home since Memorial Day.
That hasn't happened since I moved away.
Planning a trip for Labor Day.
I miss my people.

13. Someone learned to ride a real bike.
It was not an easy road.
She can be dramatic.

It's the freakin' weekend,
gonna have me some fun.
Woot!  Woot!

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shelley c. said...

Enjoy your weekend!!! Sounds like things are great :) And I've got one of those six year old girls, too... enjoy the wine and quiet :)