Sunday, August 19, 2012

the weekend before school

This is the last weekend before school starts.
That makes me sad.

We decided to have a total family day on Saturday.
Most of it was spent on a hike.

We got very adventurous.
Sister is getting big enough to go on some serious paths.

She loved it.

 Let me caption these next few pictures.
And let me preface them by saying that we brought her sandles so she could go in the water.

"I can make it.  I can make it.  I can make it."
 "Help Daddy!  I can't make it!"

It was a great day spent in the woods.

 Possible Christmas card this year...

The rest of the day was spent bike riding, mural completing (more on that later,) and family movie night.
We watched Race to Witch Mountain with Ellie.
(Wasn't the main character Tia in the book?  In the movie she is Sarah.  Boo.)

And then when Ichabod went to bed we watched American Reunion and Friends with Kids.
It was a good day.

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