Tuesday, September 4, 2012

i don't even know what to title this one

Went home this weekend.
Have I mentioned I love Linda's front porch?
These horses are seriously less a block away from my childhood home.
In town.
Is that even allowed?
And if it is, where the heck were they when all I thought about was horses?

I could go on and on about all that is troubling me lately.
And there is A LOT.
But I don't think I will.
I am not in a pity party kind of mood.
Instead I will just tell you about how sexy my husband is looking.
Holy shit balls.
(and yes, it is swear worthy.  I don't like to swear on here, but sometimes it is just necessary.)
He is a fine speciman.
Lost all kinds of weight.
The bonus to this, besides being all swoonworthy, is that I have inadvertantly been along for the ride.
All of a sudden, we are both all healthy and stuff.
It's a good place to be.
We met baby Henry this weekend.
My cousin Lori and her partner Dawn adopted him.
He is half white/half black.
I am not sure I have ever met a cuter kid.
What is it about mixing the races that makes such cute babies?
Bout time we added some color to this family!
Welcome Henry!

And, as a ps, I found out my neighbor growing up reads my blog.
I don't think of grown neighbor men when I write a lot of these posts.
Like writing about skinny dipping or other embarrasing or female things...
Hi Clyde!
Hope you are feeling better!


C. Beth said...

Beautiful horses.

I agree, somehow mixed-race babies seem to take on the best characteristics of both...how does that work? Pretty cool. Congrats to Lori & Dawn!

And BIG hugs to you.

Jessilyn said...

2The house my parents rented for a short time was across the street from a horse barn. I would sit under a pine tree in my front yard and watch them. When one would walk to the fence I'd run over to pet it. Nothing better then a soft, spongey horse nose!