Sunday, August 26, 2012


We Warrior Dashed it this weekend.
I dreaded it.
I was so underprepared.
All the worry was for naught.
It. Was. A. Blast.
Here we are before.
All clean and SHINY.

 This is a handsome man right here.
I am so glad he is mine.
 The race was 3.1 miles with obstacles.
There were lots of walls to get over and ponds with obstables in them.
I was only slighty worried on the 15 foot wall drop.
And the 15 foot high jungle gym thingy with 3 foot spaces you had to get across.
Other than that it was a piece of cake.
At the very end was barbed wire covered pit of mud.
We came out looking like this.

By the time we got to the mosh pit/fire hose rinsing station, most of the mud had dried and I felt like a mummy.
It wasn't pleasant.
I finally had Chris hold up a towel and I did the best I could behind it with a teeny tiny wash cloth.
My backside may or may not have been seen by a few other dashers.
At that point, I couldn't have cared less.
I just wanted the mud OFF.

After we were (somewhat) clean, we enjoyed our beer with our Warrior horns on.
And then there was this guy.
I don't know him.
But anyone who will race in that get up is a rockstar.
Or crazy.
You decide.
(This picture is cropped to not show all his nether regions.  There was A LOT hanging out down there.)

When We got home, Chris managed to get this disaster clean.
Nary a stain or spot to be found.
My hero.

Will I do it again?
Next year is going to be epic.


C. Beth said...

I want to do a mud run sometime! That looks like it was awesome.

Jessilyn said...

My sister and I were planning on attending but then she found out she was pregnant. So we plan on doing it next year! It looks like you guys had fun! Way to go!