Wednesday, July 11, 2012

lemonade stand

So we had a lemonade stand yesterday.

Sister made mad money.
I used to make, like, 2 bucks.

She made a killing!

We debated and debated on what organization to donate too.
We talked Ronald McDonald House.
And animal shelters.

And then I read this THISPOST.

I have been reading this blog for awhile.
And I love reading about Shawni and her gorgeous family.

As soon as I read what Max was doing, I called Ellie in and showed her and she instantly wanted to donate to Max and his book fund.

She loves to read and was so sad that all kids don't have access to books the way she does.
I am so proud of her.

And kids like Max.

Want to buy some books for some kids who need 'em?
Click on the link.
Max tells you what to do.

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C. Beth said...

Love the idea of lemonade for charity!