Sunday, July 22, 2012


Still catching up.

I know.

I promise I will get into a groove.

Swear on teetee.
(which in our family is unbreakable.)

One night last weekend, I forget which, as they have all run together, Ellie and I went on a night walk.
We were testy and grouchy and it was past her bedtime, and we went anyway.
We both needed it.
 We also hit up the aquarium.
This dude and I had a lengthy staredown.
He won.
 And Chris and I snuck out for a little date.
With golf, dinner and a movie.
It was pretty nice.
He was in a prediciment here.
I shot an easy 42.
I almost beat him.
He is, at this very moment, trying to qualify for the Cleveland Am.
He didn't play very well yesterday, meaning he has to play well today.
C'mom Chris!
You can do it!
 On Sunday morning last week,
she chose Kashi over Cocoa Puffs.
It was a proud moment.
 Then, that evening, we had grand plans to hit up a golf course and get a quick nine in.
But we passed a fair,
and well...
golf didn't happen.
 This is my cantaloupe.
She is twice as big now.
You go girl!
 We also hung with Iz a bit.
Love that girl.
15 is a fun age to hang around.
Boys are a big topic of conversation.
And she let me read her texts!
From a boy!
An English boy!
I think I understood about 2/3 of it.
This past Friday night I went to an open house of one of the architects I work with.
He had just so happened to redo all of the offices of the president and board of governors of the Cleveland Clinic.
Needless to say, it was pretty swanky.

We got to walk through the new space.
It is all clean lines, and white, and light wood.
With it's own kitchen for their own chef.

It must be good to be the President of the Cleveland Clinic.

We have also farmers marketed, garden partied, and saved the life of a cat this weekend.
Today is cleaning and swimming.

And hoping that Chris plays well.

Happy Sunday!

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Jessilyn said...

Goodluck to Chris! Love the merry-go-round picture, too cute!