Saturday, July 28, 2012

linda bean

My Aunt Linda.
My mother's sister.

Man alive do I ever love her.

Some would say that God played a joke.

Paige was more like my mother.
They were extremely close.
Paige is lucky in the fact that she got to know my mother as an adult.
Got to have those conversations with her that I never got to have.
About grown up stuff that I was still too embarrased to talk to her about at 24.
I envy Paige that.
The relationship they had.
And I envy the fact that my mother knew her children, but will never know mine.

I am more like Linda.

Both of us like to be home.
On the front porch.
Both of us like casseroles.
And green beans, potatoes and smoked sausage.
We have the same taste in books.
And I can tolerate the overly sweet wine that she enjoys.

I think God did this because he knew what was coming.
Knew I would need a mother figure as I navigated through those early baby years.

And Linda delivered.
She came and spent some time with me when Ellie was born.
Cleaned my house.
And made me lunch.
I remember being overwhealmed.
Linda had to have seen it.
She just took the baby.
Gave me a hug.
And told me the things I needed to hear.

She loves my kid like no other.

Linda is the kind of lady that does everything for everybody.
Always making bread for people.
Or dinner.
Helps at church.
Reads to the 1st graders.
Always has rice crispy treats when we come home.
Cause she knows we love them.
And loves to rides her bike around town.
She lets Ellie go through her vast jewelry collection and wear whatever she wants.
Even though it has to drive her bananas.
And she sends her money in the mail for candy and ice cream.

Last night I commented on her spoon ring, and how much I loved it.
She gave it to me right off her finger.
I told her I was going to give it back next time I come home to visit,
but now I am not so sure.
I have fallen in love with it.

Linda Bean.
We all love you.
But I love you something special.
Thank you for being there.
For me.
And for Ellie.


C. Beth said...

Puts tears in my eyes.... I'm so glad God gave you someone to nurture you and to be your friend after you lost your mom.

Megan said...
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Megan said...

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It was great to see you and Ellie the other day! I'm really going to miss having her in my class, and having you help out!

Molly said...

*sniff* That's so sweet!! I hope she's feeling better!!!!!