Thursday, March 31, 2011


I thought that might get your attention.
I think I could be a vegetarian if it wasn't for bacon.
I think I will say bacon one more time.

We met Julie and the girls out for breakfast this morning.
On a Thursday.
It was fun!

The restaurant we went to has the worlds best bacon.
I am not kidding.
It is like bacon infused with bacon.
Bacon on crack.

The whole way over there I am giving myself a pep talk about not getting the bacon.
Promised Jesus I wouldn't get the bacon.
Cause you can't lie to Jesus!
I even asked Ellie to get the sausage so I wouldn't be tempted.
(Don't worry, she likes sausage too.)

Remember, this girl has to put on a bikini in 2.5 short months.

Read to the end and you will see if I made it.

These two are impossibe to get a picture of together.

 Sweet Sadie.
Best little sister of another mother ever.
 So I finally had to take shots individually.

 I totally made it.
Healthy oatmeal for me.
It was...filling.
disclaimer:  I would have totally had the bacon, cause you just live once, right??  But Chris and I are going out tonight (alone!) and I plan to eat something totally yummy.  2 bad meals in one day just isn't cool.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

this morning

This morning:
He and I had a little cuddle as the coffee brewed.
 This morning:
She enjoyed breakfast in bed.
 This morning:
There was a showdown in the living room.
 This morning:
I have about 14 of these little piles to clean up.
 This morning:
This is what she decided to wear.
I don't fight this anymore.
She is strutting her stuff like she is a supermodel.
Which she is.
This morning:
The sun is shining.
The birds are singing.
And it is 21 degrees.
I don't think it is ever going to be warm.
I think I will go enjoy the rest of this morning now.
Happy Tuedsay!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


I am sure you are all dying to know what I have for lunch, right?
You're not?
Well, today you get to see anyway.

I have been eating really healthy for a few months now.
I mean, I have always been pretty good, but I have stepped it up a bit.
I am not crazy.
I love me some sugar.
And I believe all things are good in moderation.
But mostly healthy.

Todays lunch consisted of:

black berries
Hint of Pepper Jack Tostidos
(why do Tostidos seem healthier than regular chips?)
a toasted turkey, pepper jack, and arugula sammie,
(I love every single thing about arugula.)
and tonic with lime

All for the low caloric content of 350ish calories.

an Ipad
and a good book
and a kid otherwise engaged
and you have one healthy and relaxing lunch.

Friday, March 25, 2011

time for some random

I don't know why, but I love random posts.
So today you get some random.

First off, the pic above is in no way related to anything.  I just like it.
Ellie and Enzo.
Peas and Carrots.

Yesterday it took me 1 hour and 2 minutes of extreme movement to burn 500 calories.
It took me 5 minutes to eat 500 calories.
So unfair.

Grey's was good last night.
Really looking forward to next weeks episode.
Callie can belt out a tune!

Go Butler!

We have swimming this morning.  It is SO MUCH work for 30 minutes of lessons.
Long drive.
Out of clothes.
Get dressed.
Blow dry hair.
Long drive.
I wish she would just learn to swim already.

I booked our vacation this week!
5 days.
Adults only resort.
10 year anniversary.

I bought a bikini.
For said trip above.
A. Bikini.
Mama has some toning work to do.
Chris said I look great in it now.
With a straight face and everything.
One of the reasons I love that man.
It is green and white striped.
With ruffles on the top.

Ellie is laughing like a mad woman in the other room.

Lunching with Paige and Izzy later today.
Looking forward to that.

Birthday plannning is in full swing here.
We have a 5 year old right around the corner.
I asked Paige if we could use her (beautiful and much bigger) house for the family party.
Was that rude?
She kindly said yes.
I will do all the preparing.
She needn't do a thing.
I just need her space.

As for the kid party.
Think simple.
Birthday parties get harder as the friend list grows!

Ok.  Time to start the swimming lesson madness.

Happy Friday my friends.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

this kid

We have not had a good day.

I will spare you the details, but today
she told me I am a terrible mom.
And that she wishes she was older so she could make the rules.
All in Target.
At the top of her lungs.

She is usually pretty good, so when she has a meltdown like this, I am thrown for a loop.

We are currently on different floors of our house, destressing.
(deep breath)
(deep breath)
(deep breath)

I love her to the moon and back but some days I want to lock her (and her attitude) up in her bedroom.
And never let her out.

For.  Real.

Monday, March 21, 2011


I used the "z" cause we were badass hikers this weekend.

An almost 5 year old can do a lot!

We ventured off the trail.
Climbed some serious hills.
Jumped some serious stepping stones the river.
Scrambled up some serious trees.
It was fun!

We also spent some time:
enormous branch throwing (cause boys will be boys)
scenics gazing
funny face making
fence walking with no hands
making out
map reading (cause Daddy likes his maps!)
bicep building
pretty picture taking
plank walking
and tree sitting.

The funniest part? 
When you live in a metropolis, civilization is never far away.
So after an hour or so of serious hiking,
we emerged from the woods,
crossed a busy street,
and lunched at Panera.
Cause that's how we roll.
(plus Mama didn't have to carry a heave backpack this way :)

Then we disappeared back in the woods, properly caffenated, and full of soup, sandwiches, mac and cheese, and a cookie.
The best of both worlds really.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

mornings with my girl

We had a nice day this week!
Temps in the high 50's!

So Friday morning, Ellie and I just up and went outside for my last cup of joe.
In our jammies!

It was excellent to be outside.
(Ellie informed my yesterday that I don't use the word excellent enough (??) so I am trying to remedy that.)

Oh how happy she was to be reunited with her flip flops.

 She must have run down to this stop sign and back 26 times.
And these poor little lovelies were found in the middle of the yard.
Victims to the snow shovel.
Just got tossed right out there with the snow.
They are back where they belong now.
 And we even spied some tulip shoots basking in the sunlight.

Happy First Day of Spring!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

quarter year check

Can you believe we are almost a 4th of the way through the year already?


I thought I would do a little update on how I am doing on all my goals for the year.
Cause I am really focused on them.

I am really eating well and working out 4ish days a week.
My body feels so much better when I put good food into it.
I have occasional cheat days and I am nearly always hungry but I still feel better.
But I read somewhere that you shouldn't fear hunger, so I don't. 
There are worse things than being hungry.
(I know someone is going to comment about the 6 small meals helping to keep you full.  I do that.  It's not working. And I eat lots of fiber and protein.  I am just hungry!)
The scale isn't moving much, but I am to the point of really exercising for health and not for a bikini body.
Cause, let's face it, mama ain't never wearing one of those again...

I am extremely proud of how I am doing on the whole "don't care so much what others think."
I don't know if it is just me getting older and more comfortable with myself,
but I have really made changes here.
And it is so freeing!
My feelings don't get hurt if someone doesn't call me back.
I don't read into things.
I am me.
And I love me!

I have a little work to do on being a better friend.
I have missed lots of book clubs and Mom's nights out.
But I am blaming sickness and fevers and a husband who is slammed at work on this one.
Totally not my fault.
I have made dinner for a fellow preschool mom who was mired down in sickness.
And have sent random cards.
And took banana bread to a neighbor.
So I am trying.
(tooting own horn here)

I haven't really stepped out of my comfort zone yet.
We went dancing last weekend and I danced with abandoned.
And I am NOT a good dancer.
Does that count?
Or the fact that I ran my first under 10 minute mile?
Maybe that counts?

I still have no patience.
Poor Ellie.
And I still don't like water.

And I still haven't done something just for me yet.
But I am kinda diggin' hanging with my family right now.
Haven't really felt the urge yet.

And that's where I am a quarter of the way in.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

ellie's new bed

Girlfriend got herself a new place to sleep.
She is digging it.

We live in an older home.
And while I love the built ins and such...
there isn't a ton of room.

So we thunked outside the box and got Ellie a little junior loft bed.
Meaning, it isn't as high as a traditional loft.
This little space under here is for reading and hiding from T.Rex's.
For hanging artwork and telling secrets.
She is like a teeny tiny college freshman with her new digs.
We are very pleased with our new purchase.

Couldn't resist this one.
This cat.
He has just burrowed right into my soul.
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 14, 2011


It was our 5th annual wine weekend this past weekend.
Another great time was had.

This year, we smarted up and spent the morning at the spa.
With mimosas and blueberry bread.
Then ate a big lunch.
Then started the wine tour.
We lasted a little longer this way.

We got all greened out for St. Patrick's Day.
We got stares.
It was fun.

This was also the first year I didn't get totally snockered.
Which was nice.
I look like a deer in headlights in that last shot.
Just keepin' it real.

It is rumored that for the 10 year, we are going to Napa...

Thanks for a fun weekend girls.