Thursday, March 31, 2011


I thought that might get your attention.
I think I could be a vegetarian if it wasn't for bacon.
I think I will say bacon one more time.

We met Julie and the girls out for breakfast this morning.
On a Thursday.
It was fun!

The restaurant we went to has the worlds best bacon.
I am not kidding.
It is like bacon infused with bacon.
Bacon on crack.

The whole way over there I am giving myself a pep talk about not getting the bacon.
Promised Jesus I wouldn't get the bacon.
Cause you can't lie to Jesus!
I even asked Ellie to get the sausage so I wouldn't be tempted.
(Don't worry, she likes sausage too.)

Remember, this girl has to put on a bikini in 2.5 short months.

Read to the end and you will see if I made it.

These two are impossibe to get a picture of together.

 Sweet Sadie.
Best little sister of another mother ever.
 So I finally had to take shots individually.

 I totally made it.
Healthy oatmeal for me.
It was...filling.
disclaimer:  I would have totally had the bacon, cause you just live once, right??  But Chris and I are going out tonight (alone!) and I plan to eat something totally yummy.  2 bad meals in one day just isn't cool.


C. Beth said...

"Like bacon infused with bacon."

Ha ha ha--great line!

I think it's pretty amazing that you got oatmeal with the other tasty options (bacon & otherwise) available. Great job, and ENJOY your meal tonight!!

Toni said...

Wow! You're amazing! Oatmeal?! I never could have done that! Not with pancakes and sausage and bacong all over the place!

Well done!