Tuesday, March 8, 2011

dancing queen

Things here are good.
We are healthy finally.
And awaiting spring.
We are back to school.
And the gym.
I am still recovering from my birthday weekend, that included 2 good restarants, 2 great conversations, winning a new game, and going to an NBA game where you could see me on tv.  Oh!  And a Bloggie touch video camera.
That is smaller than my regular camera. 
My husband has turned me into a total tech geek.
I love it!
Expect more videos on here.  Lots more.

I am anticipating another fun weekend.
Weekend away, wine, girlfriends, fun.

But that is just small talk.

The below video was a few weeks ago when Ellie was just starting to get sick.
And I think she was in the middle of a good Tylenol high.

Points to notice:
Her outfit.  I have given up all control.  It just isn't worth it.
The fact I am lying in an unmade bed in the afternoon.  So?
The picture on the wall.  We spent one whole afternoon on that.
Her moves.  She is gonna be a star!

Happy Tuesday!


shelley c. said...

Love it. Love ALL of it. The outfit, the picture, the moves - I love her!!!!

Shannon said...

ADORABLE!!! I love it all!

Seansmoma said...

I. Love. Her. Moves. Awesome!!

Karen said...

Oh gosh -- so cute!!

Molly said...

Um. Did she just grab that bed post like she thought it was a pole or was that just my imagination!? ;)