Thursday, March 3, 2011


It's my birthday today!
In honor of that great day, I thought I would wax poetic all about myself!

Or not.

Acutally, for some reason, I have been really dreading this birthday.

Then, today, as I woke up,
 and saw the sun shining,
and felt my husband curled up next to me,
and got a birthday lick on the nose by a kitty,
and a good morning hug from the best kid ever,
I realized how stupid that was.

I have it good.

Today you get to hear what I love about myself.
And what I think I need to work on.
Doesn't that sound like fun?

So the things I love about myself are:

I am a good mom.
I am a good wife.
I make great popcorn and brownies.
I am organized.
I believe in miracles.
And ghosts.
And unicorns.
I send cards for no reason at all.
I am a glass is half full girl.
I eat my vegetables.
I keep myself relatively fit.
 I keep a tidy house.
I am strong.
I have great feet.
And a nice back.
And pretty hair.
I can take a joke.
I love to write.
I love Barbra Striesand and will shout it from the rooftops.
I am a huge reader and feel sorry for anyone who isn't.
I love to explore.
And hike.
And I am finally becoming comfortable in this body.
And the curves that are determined to be around.
(you know who you are, tummy and butt.)

Things I would like to change about myself and am working on:

I take things personally.
I can be passive aggressive.
I am a picker (as in pimples, noses, etc...).
They don't even have to be mine.
I know, gross!
I could be a better friend.
 I go to bed too late.
I avoid conflict at all costs, even if I should confront something.
I don't go to church like I should.
I can be lazy.
I have the patience of a toddler.
I can get mired down in the details.
I am overly cautious.
I take those I love for granted.
Way too much.
I can throw a mean pity party for myself if the situation arises.
I forget birthdays.
I gossip.
And I can hold a grudge.
So overall, I think I am ok.
The good pretty much outweighs the bad.
Most days.

I plan to make my 34th year good.
And when I say good, I mean, good!
My mother always told me that the 30's would be the best years of my life.
And when I stop and think about it, she was totally right.
I am healthy.
And happy.
And loved.
What more could I ask for?

And as of this posting, I have gotten over 50 birthday messages through
and texts.
And it is only 9:24 am.

This girl feels loved today.


shelley c. said...

Happy Birthday! And, for what it is worth, I think you are a really good friend. :)

Rebecca Kistler said...

Happy Birthday Tia :)

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday!!

C. Beth said...

What a great post. Happy 34th year. :)