Wednesday, October 12, 2011

random nonsense

The coziness of the day is not motivating me to get to the gym.

Sending kettle corn as Ellie's snack to day made me "the best mom ever!"
It's healthyish, right?
I just needed to get it out of my house.

I get to help Kindergarteners at the book fair this afternoon.
Kindergarteners are a hoot.
I also helped on Monday when they were doing their wishlists. 
They were supposed to write down 3 books they wanted.
This one little girl came up to me with a stack of 16.
I told her it was just a tad too many.
Her response?
"Write 'em all down.  My mommy will buy them for me. I'm spoiled."

I need a break for another cup of coffee.
Be right back...

Ok, I'm back.

Ellie was up from midnight to 3 last night coughing.
I let her sleep in this morning.
She was tardy.
I hated being tardy when I was in school.

On a related note, I never know whether or not to send her when she has a cold.
Never a fever.
Never any snot even.
Just a hideous cough.
She's a cougher, this one, always has been.
But I can picture her in class, just hacking away.
I talked to her teacher, and she said if she can be at school, hasn't had a fever or been vomiting, send her.
So I did.
What would you do?

On another slightly related note, Ellie has standardized tests this week.
Since when do 5 year olds have standardized tests?

We are going to a wedding on Saturday.
It's a fancy affair.
It required a borrowed dress and new shoes.
Guess what decided to show up?
A big shiny pimple.
Right on my chin.

I am loving the fact that Ellie is learning to read.
I am amazed at how quickly it is happening.
But is it totally wrong for me never ever ever want her to learn how to tell time?

Methinks that is enough random for now.

Happy {rainy} Wednesday!


Shannon said...

I'm always torn on what to do for my sick kids too. Fever or vomiting is a definite stay home. Jaden is battling a nasty cough, too. She stayed home on Monday and again today. Yesterday she seemed fine in the morning but was worn out by the time we got home... then was up in the night vomiting. I never know. I hope E feels better soon!!

Karen said...

Molly had a brief fever last week and this weekend and no other symptoms leftover except a cough. Hell yeah I sent her. :) Hope she's better soon, though!