Monday, October 10, 2011

perfect weekend

If there were ever a perfect weekend to be had...
I think I just had it.

It all started Friday when I met a dear friend for lunch in Chagrin Falls.
And the town is as pretty as it's name.
You have to take roads like this to get to it.
(And yes, I stopped my car in the middle of the road to take this shot.)
 We lunched and visited.
And can I just say a baked brie bread bowl was involved.
(Um, hello new favorite thing in the whole world.)
After we lunched, she had to leave to pick up her girl from school.
I did not have to leave.  I still had 2 whole hours to kill.
Whatever was I to do with myself?
I browsed book stores and boutiques, had a cup of coffee and read my book.
All. By. Myself.
And I bought my first pair of real grown up girl designer jeans.
They fit like a dream.
You really do get what you pay for.
Then we had dinner with some new friends.
Ellie and Natalie are school friends, and we just happen to really like her parents.
Natalie is also an only so she and Ellie are peas in a pod.
Aren't new friends nice?

See?  A good weekend.
And that was just Friday!

Saturday morning, another dear friend had invited me to a crafty fair called Christmas in the Woods.
Think cider, primitive booths selling everything you can imagine, golden leaves, and sunshine.
I got Ellie some little stick pencils for her stocking, and the cutest little vintage looking Christmas sign.
It was a great way to spend a gorgeous October day.
Then Saturday night we were invited to a surprise party for a friend of ours, Kevin.
(Backstory: We bought their couch from them, and Kevin desperately misses it.  Chris and I text him continually about his couch, things like "watching football on your couch" or, "taking a great nap on your couch", etc...)
We think it's hilarious.
I am not sure how he feels about it.
We included this picture in his birthday card...
 The whole entire night was this fun.
That would be Kevin down there.
The birthday boy.
 Then sunday we headed to the pumpkin patch.
We had these donuts.
I know...right? 
 We picked pumpkins.
I chose green this year.
 We played in the woods.
 We took leaps of faith.
 And just enjoyed being together.
A absolutely perfect weekend.

Now it is Monday.
And my house shows evidence of my not being in it all weekend.
Messes here.
Messes there.
Kitty boxes that need scooped.
Wish I could go back to Friday and live it all over again.


C. Beth said...

Sounds like your house shows evidence of the wonderful weekend you had.... Sounds like it was awesome. :)

Rose said...

EEEPPP donuts!! Nom nom nom

You take so many lovely photos. I have tagged you in a post here: