Wednesday, October 26, 2011

lazy days

Life these days is calm.
And relaxed.
And nice.
Noonie is good.
Ellie is settled into her new routine.

This finds time for coffee dates with friends.
At my house.
I provide coffee, homemade goods, and scintillating conversation.
For a reservation: call, email, or text.
 It also allows time to wage war on the fruit flies.
Internet research led me to this idea.
Hopefully it works.
They drive my husband to distraction.
For some reason, they just really bug him.
Pun intended.
(apple and cooking wine in a bowl with saran wrap over.  poke hole.  they get in.  they cant get out.)
Such a sad way for a honeycrisp to go.
So sorry honeycrisp.
 I also get to stare at the bounty that is our halloween candy.
Every year I am amazed at the $$ spent.
Every year I am amazed that there is none left.
Buy over 400 pieces.
Give out 1 per kid.
We have a crazy halloween neighborhood.
PS.  I think Payday is often overlooked.
Love me some Payday.
 He is very good at keeping me company on these lazy days.
Here he is sporting his "over the shoulder sexy look."
Boyfriend has the "it" factor.
 As an aside, read this book in 3 hours.
Teen fiction.
Great read.
 But I don't just sit around and read all day.
The closets got a good cleaning out yesterday.
I love my house.
Love the built-in's.
Love the old door knobs.
Love the weathered brick.
Hate the closets.
I think they are cruel and unusual punishment.
Just sayin'.
Happy Wednesday!

And a shout out to Roberta!
Didn't know you were reading.
Glad you are!
Hope you are having a great day, friend!


C. Beth said...

Second time this week that I've heard that I really should read The Giver.

Molly said...

Did your fruit fly trap work? I had to do one last week and seriously caught about 25 fruit flies in there. If it hadn't looked so gross, I would have posted a picture of it on FB. I did the same saran wrap thing but used apple cider vinegar and pieces of banana.

Rose said...

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