Monday, July 4, 2011


Well, we're back.
And none too happy about it.

Mexico was heaven.
All we did was
and have marital relations.

I didn't take many photos.
It didn't seem necessary when you do the same thing for 5 straight days.

But here is what I did get.

Our view from the room.
Lazy river, led right to the big pool.
 Relaxing on our patio.
 Breakfast served on the patio.
 No place my toes would rather be.
 View from my poolside chair.
 Life imitating art.

 Sexiest man alive.
 Vacation essentials.
I took a book I had already read.
Who does that?
Luckily, I didn't remember much.
So I read it again.
 We did a lot of this.
Reading in the pool, with breaks to swim to the bar.
I think people should have access to this lifestyle anytime they want it.
 Tiki hut.
 Pretty view for lunch.
 Reason for vacation.
 Pretty shot.
 What I wanted to do when we had to leave.

It was seriously the best vacation ever.
The staff were fantastic.
The food was great.
The drinks were neverending.
The shower was todiefor.
The fact that it is 2:30 in the afternoon and I am not sightly tipsy on rum makes me sad.

Ellie had a great time too.
But she is sick with a fever now.
And exhausted!
So we are dealing with that.
And all the other stuff that comes with everyday life.


Our life in pictures said...

In case y'all think she's making it all's all true. Best vacation EVER. Go there...NOW!

misskri said...

It sounds like you guys had an amazing time in Mexico...much deserved!!! Happy 10yr anniversary to both of you ~ you should make this a yearly ritual!!!

Shannon said...

:o) Glad you had a great time! We are already planning our 10 year anniversary vacay to Disney World!

Alexia Britton said...

wow that sounds great. i wanted to go to mexico for my honeymoon this year but instead i went to stinky malta ¬¬ i do not recommend.