Tuesday, July 19, 2011

iphone pics

I got's nothing new to blog on.
So I sync'd my phone
(which i don't do often enough)
and thought I would share and explain my favorite pics from my phone.
If you are a facebook friend of mine,
you might have seen some of these before.

Waaaay back in April Jeff and Megan came to Ellie's trike a thon at school.
Love these guys.
Jeff and I leave Megan and Chris behind and sneak away to watch the Harry Potter movies.
Chris and Megan don't care enough to see them in the theatres.
Are they crazy?
I keep warning Jeff that I am going to be a mess at the end of the last one.
He promises to bring tissues.
We are going Thursday!
 Megan gets really involved in all she does.
Really gives it 100%.
She took a lap for Ellie.
 Ellie looks so much like my mother here it is astonishing.
For. Real.
 Playing in the yard.
 At the carnival.
 This is how we sleep at night.
I think Chris gets a little jealous.
 My golfer girl.

 Chris taking a dip in the sprinkler.
 Parental fail.
How does one not get a sunburn under the eyes when goggles are going on and off?
Do share if you have tips.
 Um, when did she turn 14? 
No more camis for this kid.
Every so often, I flip through my pics and find ones like this one.
Ellie thinks it's hysterical to leave me little surprise pics.
She's crafty, this one.


C. Beth said...

HA! That CamWow pic is awesome!

Lourdes said...

OMG! You're not kidding when you say she looks like your mom in that picture. uncanny - and very very cool!

Lisa said...

You will totally cry in Harry Potter...I did a lot! Bring lots of tissues.

It is sweet how much she looks like your mom! She would have loved that :)