Monday, June 20, 2011


Girlfriend is a for real hiker.  We traversed some rough terrain this weekend and she was a pro.

The summer is going entirely too fast.

Salvation Army is my new favorite store.

My house is full of suitcases.
And sunscreen.
And lists of things to pack.

Ellie is loving SafetyTown and today she gets to ride a school bus!

Sunshine is my friend.

I have 4 pimples on my face right now. 
Am I 14 or 34?

Ellie is going to be a flowergirl this weekend.
She is beyond excited.

Super 8 is a fantastic movie.

I have been married 10 years.
Holy Moly.

Rory McIlroy is a stud.

Found some new babysitters this weekend.

Been reading lots of good books.
Summer is my time for easy reading :)
My reading list just keeps getting longer and longer.
I love that.

I have lots of food to use up to empty my fridge.
It's going to be an interesting dinner week.

Mexico cannot come soon enough.
I didn't tell you we were going to Mexico?
Well.  We are.
Ellie is staying with family in Indiana.
And Chris and I are celebrating 10 years in style.
Adults only all inclusive.
Swim up pool suite.
Want to know what I am most excited about?
(Besides 5 days alone with my husband)
The in room fridge stocks candy bars.
All you can eat!
I am going to gain 10 pounds in candy bars alone.


shelley c. said...

Have an AWESOME time in Mexico!! And pass along any book recommendations... :)

Shannon said...

Jealous! Have lots of fun!!

Toni said...

Oh, so jealous! Have a blast in Mexico!

C. Beth said...

I want a candy bar. Right now.

Karen said...

LOVE the picture of you two! So gorgeous. :) How awesome about Mexico!!!

forever folding laundry said...

I'm SO happy for you guys!!
What an awesome trip.
Going away for your ten-year
is an absolute MUST.

I hope you have a blast,
and I want to see pictures
of your tan.