Saturday, July 23, 2011

pony camp

I could live in a horse barn.
I love everything about it.
The smell of the horses.
The sound their hooves make.
The barn cats strolling about.
The hazy, humid air.
It is heaven right here on earth.

My girl feels the same I think.
She is smitten.
And is a bonafide natural around place.

Not to brag...
(ok, maybe a little)
but during their little show, they were posting
(which is what you do when the horse is in a trot)
and another mother tells me it took her daughter 5 pony camps to get as good as Ellie is now, and wasn't this just her first camp?
Why yes. Yes it was.
Thank you other mother.
You made my day.

If it were up to me...
We would have a horse.
Don't tell Chris I said that.
He is not as in love with the whole idea as I am.
Not even a little bit.
Ellie and I are chipping away...

Now, on to the pictures:

Ellie and Buttercup.   Buttercup is the oldest pony at the camp and a real sweetie.  She had cancer in her ear, so they just removed it. 
 Hugs for her pony.
 Here she is telling me to go with the other parents. I was embarrasing her with all my pictures.
 Riding to the show.
 Look at that posture!

 Listening to instructions.

 She looks sad here.  She knows it is about over.  Giving Butter some love.
 Thank you Buttercup for making Ellie's week.
And lastly, here is a little video of her posting abilities.

It was a great week.
I see another pony camp in our future.


C. Beth said...

How awesome!! I love that she'd discovering a passion even at this age!

forever folding laundry said...

Ha - I love that she is telling you to go back to the other parents!
That's too funny.

She looks like a natural!
And so happy.
Come on, daddy.
Get the girl a pony!