Thursday, July 21, 2011

what i know for sure: "it's freaking hot" edition

Photo:  Ellie on one of her very first hot days.

It is hot here people.
Burn the bottom of your feet on the pavement hot.
Too hot to go to the pool hot.
Fry an egg on the sidewalk hot.

I try very very hard not to complain.
I mean, we get like 6 weeks of warm weather a year.
But temps near the 100's are not fun.
So I am very passively aggressively complaining here.

I thought I would share what I know for sure about it being hot and how to survive the dog days.

1.  Milkshakes are perfectly acceptable lunches.
2.  Underpants or naked sleeping is highly recommended on hot nights.
3.  Creeping to the basement to take a snooze at 1 in the afternoon is not being lazy.  It is being smart.
4.  TV and movie watching is a must.
5.  Shooing a kitty off you, cause it is too damn hot, is not animal cruelity.
6.  Sliced watermelon and iced tea is as good a dinner as any.
7.  Bearing the heat to pick 2 ripe tomatoes for a snack is totally worth it.
8.  Cool showers 3 or 4 times a day is nice.
9.  Not doing any house work is ok.  It will get done in the winter.
10.  Trying to explain to a 5 year old why it is to hot to go to the pool will get you nowhere.  Redirect her attention with ice cream.  Eaten in the cold basement.

So this is just a few tricks of the trade to beating the heat.
Basically, do as little as possible.
And try not to complain.


C. Beth said...

Ugh...I'm guessing no A/C? We've had lots and lots of 100+ degree days lately but pretty much everything is air conditioned around here.... It's a must.

Lourdes M. said...

From my Sesame Street watching days "hace calor, hace calor, could fry an egg on the cement, it's so caliente..." I can still hear the tune in my head. Super hot here in Texas but I still vividly remember the Indiana ice storms and ungodly snowfalls...and those thoughts keep me cool. But your suggestions are great ones.

Toni said...

It's super super hot here. The Kid often asks to go outside and play but it's just toooo hot!

I'm So thankful for my air conditioner! (As it's running my electric bill through the ROOF! [But, still totally worth it!])