Friday, July 15, 2011

little corners

My life is full of little corners.
Corners filled with lots of different things.
 One little corner is full of Ellie.
And the fun we are having this summer.
When I thought of having a child,
this is what I imagined.
It is a good life I am leading these days.
And I am appreciative of it.
We have such fun together, she and I.
We explore, and lunch, and swim.
And read, and shop, and argue.
We walk, and play, and pretend.
And bake, and tickle, and cuddle.
Did I mention swim?
She has turned into a little fish, this one.
And all of a sudden gets it.
And is jumping into the deep end and getting herself to the side.
Brave little thing.
 Another little corner is filled with changes.
Change is upon us, my friends.
New school.
New job?
New routine.
New roles to be played.
 One corner is filled with worry.
My dad.
He is feeling great.
Which makes me happy.
But I can't be there like I want to be.
And I worry incessently about him.
I try and push this corner to the nether regions.
I don't like this corner.
A big corner is filled with joy.
I am amazed at my ability to see the silver lining.
The glass half full.
I have a lot of joy in my life.
And for that I am thankful.

(My sappy blog writing is about to come to an end.  I promise.  I am just feeling so introspective these days.  I can't help it.  My next post will be a little more mundane or humerous.  Pinky promise.)


Shannon said...

I love all of your posts :o) They usually make me smile, grad a tear or two, and think about things in life in a different way. Have a great weekend!

C. Beth said...

Your "sappy" posts have been so beautiful! :)

Karen said...

Ditto! I love all your posts! You're an amazing writer and it's so fun reading the blog and being able to relate so well. The joys of being mommas to 5-year-olds! :) Miss you guys!