Sunday, July 10, 2011


Saturday found us out of doors.
And getting back to some semblance of normal.
Life is a titch crazy these days.
So a day in nature was just what we all needed.
I heart outside.

We travelled in a different direction this time.
To see what we could find.

We found:

Lily pads
and frogs and turtles and fish and tadpoles and geese and one lonely duck,
and the prettiest water lilies you ever did see.

We found funky tree trunks,
and field journals,
and walking sticks.

We found that someone has a better sense of direction than her mama
and fun little pathways.

 We found castles,
 and moments to reflect.

 We found places to dip our toes,
 frolick in the water,
 and get a fun ride from Daddy.
We found peace and sunshine and together time and love.
It was a good Saturday.

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