Saturday, June 4, 2011


Nearly my entire family plays golf.
It is a huge part of my life.
And I love it.

Chris and I had our courtship on a golf course.
We played daily in high school and college.
It was our date more often than not.
We even made out on a golf course a time or two.

Some of my best memories are the trips Chris and I would take with my parents to different courses playing.
Losers buying dinner.
On any given day he could beat my Dad...
and I could beat my Mom.
But put us on a team against them, and they beat us nearly every time.
They found it hysterical.
We did not.
We ate at McDonalds a lot.

Then we moved away from home
and played just as much, if not more.
New, different, harder courses.
For me, it was a link to home, that I desperately missed.

Then we had Ellie.
And I nearly stopped playing altogether.
It is time consuming.
And expensive.
And just not conducive to a baby or toddler.

She is older now.
And we are getting her out there as often as possible.
As for my game?
I hit the ball further than I ever have.
But my short game sucks.
Like, bad.
Put a wedge or putter in my hand and I have no idea what is going to happen.
And it is frustrating.
Maybe this will be the summer I play a lot more, and get some confidence around the green.

As for Chris...
This is going to be his year.
He is playing great.

I can't speak for him,
but I desperately want Ellie to love it as much as we do.
I envision afternoon rounds.
The three of us puttering around the course.
(pun intended)

I can't wait for the day she beats me.
Or the day she beats her Dad!
Imagine that?!?

When we were in Indiana, we fit in 9 holes.

 This is how close he came to his first hole in one.
 I think she made this one.
 Writing down her score.  According to her, she birdied every hole.
 Like father, like daughter.

 Check out my form.
Looks great.
But very very unpredictable.
 And we always have to check for lost balls.
And frogs.

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