Wednesday, June 1, 2011

memorial weekend

We had a great long weekend!
Hope you did too!

We played a cool "throw the ball on the roof and see how many times it bounces" game.
And for those of you that don't know him...
that is my cuz Anson.
He is extremely crazy.
And fun.
 We spent some quality time.
 We lunched at the Chocolate Moose.
It is nice to come from a town small enough to still have a soda fountain.
And the best homemade chips this side of the Mississippi.
 We played Gin at Starbucks when it was too cold and rainy to do anything else.
 We visited my mama.
 And brought her some dandelions.
 We lunched on the front porch.
The best way to lunch.
And we did not have your standard hamburgers and hotdogs this year.
Paige and Andy made pulled pork and coleslaw burritos and fish tacos.
Yeah.  They did.
And enough fresh salsa to drown in.
It was good!
 We spent some more quality time.
 We played pong in the front yard.
Cause we're classy like that.
And Chris and I totally dominated the games we played.
Our inner college kids came roaring back!
 We sprinklered.
 And we took the best family picture ever!
The indian is C. Heif Steve.
And the picture of the birthmarked dude is a story for another day.

Happy Summer my friends!


C. Beth said...

Oh my goodness, that'd better share the story some day!

Toni said...

I hope "another day" comes soon because I'm so curious about that picture! :)

misskri said...
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misskri said...

Sorry the previous post being removed...hit send too fast!
It sounds like you had the perfect long weekend...Family, Friends and FUN!
I also hope that another day comes soon...can't wait to hear the story about that picture!

Our life in pictures said...

Tia E.--come over for a glass of wine...let's doctor the story about the picture of "Gary". You have made everyone so curious, it has to be a killer story. And really...the pong table made the blog. Oh bother.

Toni said...

I gave you an award. :)