Wednesday, May 25, 2011

morning walk

This morning I decided to bring my camera along on my morning walk.
Cause I am sure you are all dying to see my neighborhood, right?
Well, wish granted.
We live in a very urban area, which took a lot of getting used to for this small town girl.
I love my neighborhood though.
Doesn't feel urban at all.
 The rest of the pictures are some of my favorite houses.
I took these pics quick,
cause it could be construed as creepy for a random woman to be taking pictures of your house.
 Aren't they pretty?
But this next one is my very favorite.
Cause it's mine.
And all my favorite people and things are inside.
(note to self: must buy hanging plants for hooks...)
Thanks for joining me on my morning stroll.
Happy Wednesday!


misskri said...

Beautiful pictures! Your neighborhood looks Mom lives over there!

forever folding laundry said...

What a cuuuuute neighborhood
you live in!
I love that it has character
and no two houses are the same.

You're a lucky girl. :)