Thursday, May 5, 2011

our elephants are back!

This is a big deal.
We have been waiting 2 years for our elephants to come back.
Do you know how long that is for a 5 year old?

It was so monumental that we had pancakes for breakfast.
On a Thursday!
 And we even let a kitty lick the sausage off our fingers.
He is on the table.
I have given up.
He rules the world.
I promise I wash it daily and will double wash it if you come to dinner.

We got to the zoo around 9:15ish.
And it was PACKED.
But in a good way.
Here are 3 of our lovely ladies.
Aren't they gorgeous?
They spent the morning giving themselves mudbaths.
 And this is Willy.
He hasn't been formally introduced to the ladies yet.
But I think they are going to like him.
I do.
 It was a glorious morning so Ellie and I headed to the pond.
 And just hung out for a bit.
 And can I brag for a minute and tell you she knew exactly where we were on the map.
I mean, the exact spot.
She did not get this from me.
This is all Daddy.
 It wasn't long though, til we headed back to the herd.
 We even ate an elephant.
 But alas, it was time to go to school.
But not before one last sniff.
 And one last goodbye.
You might think the pic above is no big deal. 
A kid with a dude in an elephant costume. 
You would be wrong. 
This is monumental. 
Ellie has been terrified of dressed up people all her live long life. 
I think the excitement of the day went right to her head. 
She sure was proud of herself.

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