Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I know it's Tuesday.
I've had stuff people.

I wasn't supposed to get my test results until today, but they came on Saturday morning and I am eternally grateful to that Dr. for not waiting until Mon. to call me.
Which made for a fantastic weekend!

We had our first soccer game.
And girlfriend gets it this year!
As soon as that whistle blew,
she was totally in charge.
Scoring her first ever 2 goals.
Chris and I were cheering like it was the freaking world cup.
 Then we had our 3rd and final birthday party.
Friends this time.
A simple affair.
A park.
Cookies, brownies, cupcakes, chips, juice.
Treat bags.
Friends playing.
A nice day.
 This is Jimmy.
He is Ellie's current love interest.
She calls him Jim.
And they hold hands during meditation at school.
Lucky for me, Jimmy's mom is one of her teachers, so she keeps a close eye on the shenanigans.
I try and tell her that 5 year olds only have friends.
Not boyfriends.
So she calls Jimmy her "special friend."
 Gosh I love this kid.
She ran her brains out all. day. long.
This is another of her outfits.
Not a battle I choose to fight.
On the way home I looked back and saw this.
Conked out.
Bit of a sunburn. (Whoopsie on Mommy's part)
Chocolate frosting mustache
I would say that was a good day.
 Then on Sunday we hit up a nature center and outdoor mall.
Ellie fell in love with this headband with the peace sign at Charming Charlie.
It was $2.
She got it.
What? You have never been to Charming Charlie?

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