Saturday, May 21, 2011


Chris had the big V yesterday.
So, yes, we have finally made the decision on how many babies we will have.
We haven't ruled out fostering or adoption yet,
but this mama doesn't need to be pregnant again.

He is recovering nicely.
Sittin' on his peas.

To give him time to rest, Ellie and I headed to the zoo.
And for some reason or another spent the entire day there.
We go so often, that this is weird for us.
We were just having such a good time though,
that we just kept walkin' and talkin'.
I love my girl.

We got a nice friendly greeting from one of the girls.
 And rode a camel.
 And had some lunch.
 And followed these ducklets (Ellie's term) for, I swear, and hour.
We decided this was our favorite part of the day.
 We walked on a bridge.
 And some rocks.
 And posed with a camel.
She is slightly upset here cause she got the whole bactrian, dromadary thing wrong.
Bactrians have 2 humps.
She thought they had 1.
She doesn't like to get things wrong.
Help me.
 And we hugged a wolf.
It was a fun day at the zoo.


Toni said...

Looks like so much fun! I think if we had a zoo close enough we would be there a lot too!

C. Beth said...

I LOVE the sweet pic of her holding up 2 fingers!

I'm really happy for you guys, that you've found the place that works for you, with 1 (biological) child. You seem like such a happy family. There's no perfect number of kids, but there may be a perfect number for each family. And 1 may be the perfect number for you. :)

marissa said...

The two types of camels can be remembered by thinking of the letters B and D.
B has 2 humps and D has 1. Cute huh? Sounds like you had a great day! Glad you are part of the only kids club!