Tuesday, May 17, 2011

i got nothin'

For real.
I really have nothing to blog about.

Unless you want to hear about the rain.
And how it has driven me to the depths of despair.

Or maybe you would rather hear about my spring cleaning list.
I do love the smell of Murphys Oil Soap and could talk about that.
Still no?

I could talk about the medical bills that came in the mail yesterday.
And how ridiculous some of the charges are.
$65 for a five minute conversation?
Boobs can be expensive if something is thought to be wrong with them.

Oh wait!
I know!
I could talk about the knockdowndragout Ellie and I had a few nights ago.
It was a doozy.
She gets so freaking emotional over the silliest things.
She is testing me.
And I had had enough.
It wasn't pretty.

Or maybe I could discuss the movies I really want to see.
Super 8.
Stupid Crazy Love.
Harry Potter.

Or maybe the 5 books resting on my nightstand.
The last Outlander.
The new Jodi Picoult.
Some smut.
More smut.
I tend to read smut in the summer.

I really have nothing to say.
But I managed to write a longish post in spite of it.

Happy Tuesday!


misskri said...

I feel the same way about the weather. Although, today does feel a bit warmer than yesterday. maybe it will hit 50 today! UGH! I would like 70's and 80's back, please!
When you are feeling cruddy about this weather ~ just think about your vacation in a few months...I envy your child free paradise trip!

shelley c. said...

You will have to let me know when you finish the new Jodi Picoult. I liked it. :) And summer is DEFINITELY smut reading season. And newly-turned five year old girls are... an adventure... :)