Wednesday, June 23, 2010

indiana series - pt. 6 - everything else

Ok, here is everything else we did in Indiana. I am telling you, it was a whirlwind.


had pizza at our favorite college joint,

hot tubbed,

spent time on another great front porch,


caught 4,275 frogs,

slip and slid,

made funny faces,

had ice cream, in one form or another, for 16 straight days,

had pizza with our cousins,

played with brady,

and max,

who is lucky enough to have horses on his farm, (oh lucky boy!),

ate lunch at an old fashioned soda shop,

and finally welcomed home daddy. How we missed him.

So there you have it. Our Indiana trip in post or 6. It was a fantastic trip and we all had a ball! Hope you enjoyed reading all about it. Now, back to regular scheduled programming...

And, as a final note, I am the current reigning 5k champ (in my age group)for a race I was urged to run (and so didn't want to). I am not going to tell you there were only like 7 other women running in my age group. Nope. Not going to tell you that at all. I am going to leave you with the impression that I am just THAT GOOD.


Molly said...

I love Greeks! And Jerry's! and in the event you aren't able to uphold your title, I, as first runner up, will be happy to step in and carry out your duties.

Lisa said...

All the food back home is what I miss most :) Greeks, Jerry's, The Chocolate Moose, the Fish Fry...yummy!

C. Beth said...

WOO HOO, 5K champ! That's awesome! Hey, I wouldn't win against 7 other women. I'd probably be in 5th place. :)

What a FUN trip!!

Jessica said...

I love your pictures. Your daughter is totally adorable and reminds me a bit of my youngest when she was that age!

Paige said...

So awesome. What a great place to visit!! xo, P

abby said...

What a great picture of Ellie and Max!