Tuesday, June 15, 2010

indiana series - pt. 2 - memorial day!

It was a fantastic day, so instead of just writing about it, I thought I would do a picture story. So here goes:

It dawned like this.

One little girl was very, very excited.

The grill started early with spicy fish. Not your usual fare, but delicious. As was the strawberry rhubarb pie...

The big kids were in attendance and Ellie was thrilled to be included.

Then we did our annual "drawing of drivers." Big pool of Indy drivers, big stakes, big deal. We didn't win. Bah!

Ellie was also thrilled to have shoes that matched Quincys!

Then Ellie hung out beside the pool, deciding if we wanted to get in.

Lots of visiting happened.

She got in! First with mommy...

then Izzy...

then Quincy...

then Nick.

Then she got brave and swam by herself. She did this most of the rest of the afternoon.

While she was swimming, there was an enormous gin tournament going on. Again, a big deal in this family. I didn't win again.

Finally she got out for a hotdog.

Then we watched a little volleyball and played a little bocchhi.

By the end of the day, she was pooped. This is how she fell asleep. For real. Looks comfy. Not.

My family. I love 'em. We are all just a titch nutty but that's what makes us fun.


Molly said...

sooooooo much fun!!!! She's getting so big!

C. Beth said...

What a great gathering! Yay. :)