Thursday, June 17, 2010

indiana series - pt 3 - met another one!

Yep! Met another bloggy friend! It's Shannon and Jaden from Living my Life on Purpose!( see blog on sidebar, my blog STILL won't let me link.) It was so great to get to meet these lovely ladies. We went to the Fort Wayne Zoo and it was one of the nicest zoos I have ever been to, and I have been to A LOT of zoos! Jaden was our tour guide and did a great job leading us around to all her favorite spots.

While at the zoo, we made faces,

took a boat ride (and a train ride, and a sky ride, and a carousel ride),

fed a giraffe!,

held hands with our new friend,

and gave her a squeeze.

Thank you Shannon and Jaden for showing us such a great day! We had such a good time with you girls!

After they left we decided to stay a little longer. Ellie,

rode a horse all by herself. Seriously, the girl working the pony rides told Ellie to pick one, she did, the girl led her to the path and sent her on her way. ALONE. I about had a heart attack for a minute until I realized how much Ellie liked it and how relaxed, (i.e. lazy), the horse was.

We also brushed a goat,

and gave our new giraffe friend (aptly named Lettuce) a big hug.

Just another fun day in Indiana!


Jessica said...

How cool that you met a blogging friend! I think that is the best thing about keeping blogs - the ability to connect with other moms that we have things in common with that we never would have met otherwise!

Shannon said...

We had so much fun with you guys!! Thanks for making the trip :o) We are already planning a trip your way next summer!

C. Beth said...

How FUN! That is awesome! That does sound like a fantastic zoo. And I love the pics of the two new friends holding hands and hugging. :)