Sunday, June 13, 2010

and we're back! indiana series - part 1.

Oh heaveans! What a trip we had! I was afraid 16 days would be too long, but it wasn't. As a matter of fact, for the first time, in a long time, I wasn't all that anxious to get back. I think we were there long enough to really settle in.

And settle in we did.

I have a wonderful group of friends here where I live. I mean, really, really, good, but there is something special about being surrounded (and I mean SURROUNDED) by family.

People who have always loved you.
Always accepted you.
Always been there for you.

It was so nice. And everyone there adores Ellie and wants to spend time with her and love her. And the kids! There are about 20 kids around Ellie's age nearby. At all times. She never stopped playing. It is going to take weeks to get her back to normal.

I have debated the best way to go about blogging about my trip and have decided to do a series of sorts, because so much happened! And then I decided, I should just go in order of how things happened.

So Friday, when we first got into town, we found ourselves with not much to do so we had our first family golf outing. I am very happy to say that Ellie loved it. She wanted to hit and putt on every hole and was very respectful of the "quiet on the course" rules. Oh, how we want her to like golf. It was extra special, because I used to work here and Chris and I have probably played 4,397 rounds of golf here together.

Here she is getting a little practice on the practice green.

Getting ready to start!

Teeing off on the first hole.

Getting a lesson on how to tee it up from Daddy.

What I want to see a lot of in my future, Ellie and Chris in the course.

She even got to drive a little bit.

It was such a fun family outing. It is a little harder to get courses around here to let her on, but we are determined!

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C. Beth said...

That is so cool! I love that she's enjoying something you guys are passionate about!