Sunday, June 20, 2010

indiana series - pt 4. the fair!

Oh the fair!

It is so podunk.

So country.

So hickville.

So fun!

Since we were at Linda's, right on Main Street, we would sit on the front porch and watch the fair arrive, bit by bit, piece by piece.

The build-up of excitement for Ellie was legendary. Which of course, only makes it more fun. "Is it tonight mama? Do we get to go tonight??"

I think I mostly enjoy the fair because I get to see people I would never get to see otherwise.

Of course, I also enjoy the

funnel cakes,

the cake walks,

the parade, which Ellie was in this year. With Elvis!

the outrageously expensive games,

watching the trains go by right in the middle of it all,

the talent show,

watching fireworks with every single member of your family, sharing bug spray and sweatshirts, then playing tag in the dark,

watching teenagers awkwardly hold hands,

the cotton candy,

watching the older couples dance to the country singers,

watching Ellie ride rides,

putting someone in jail for $2, and knowing they have to stay there for 10 minutes,

the fish fry,

the dime toss,

looking at the church's baskets, deciding which one we want to try and win,

did I mention the cotton candy?,

the lemon shake-ups,

and catching up with old friends, seeing how big the babies have gotten, touching newly pregnant bellies, and reliving old school days.

But you want to know what was the very best thing about this year?

Really, the VERY BEST THING?

Are you ready?

It was,

the fact,

that Ellie was finally big enough to ride the carousel by herself!

No more upset tummies for mom!



Jessica said...

Ha Ha! Your comment on the carousel made me laugh. I can't even swing anymore without feeling dizzy! I was so happy when my girls did not need me for the carousel anymore. Happy Day!

Molly said...

Ah the memories!