Tuesday, December 1, 2009

3 firsts

Yesterday we were stuck at home all day and just about went crazy. After all the activity of the weekend it was definitely needed but man! We are used to constant GOGOGO!

To try and break up the day a little Ellie tried 3 new things:

First: Hot Cocoa! She was hesitant at first, but after I told her it was like drinking chocolate, she dove right in.

Hmm, smells good!

A first tentative taste.

Thumbs up!

Then we played Memory with ALL the cards. Usually, we only use about 10-12 pairs. This took forever, but it was still fun.

And last, a nap by the tree. I remember doing this when I was little and loving it! She did too. It didn't last long, but she did get a good rest in.


Muncie Mommy and Me said...

awww...that is so cute! That is the kind of thing that only an only child could do. In my house if one of my kids tried to sleep on the floor by the tree, they'd get their head stepped on!

Muncie Mommy and Me said...

argh, I knew that would happen. It's me...Molly. Need to go fix that.