Monday, December 21, 2009


We have been really busy lately. We have:

- been to 2 little get togethers: one of which, I got just a titch tipsy, and the other, ate WAY too much Chinese food.

- been watching the finale of Survivor. Still love the show. Next season Heros vs. Villians. Cool. Starts Feb. 11!

- finished all the shopping and wrapping. Yea!

- realized that while having Christmas at home and not travelling is awesome, it requires A LOT more work. Christmas Eve dinner (chicken pot pie), Christmas morning breakfast (sausage egg casserole and biscuits), stuff to take to Paiges (green beans with almonds, snickerdoodles, and chex mix). Happy to do it, but lots of kitchen time in my future.

- been watching the Colts go 14-0. I love Peyton Manning.

- drinking lots of coffee


We have been playing lots and lots of SORRY! I think we have become slightly addicted. Every night after dinner, we play about 7 games. We are pretty even on the score,

but someone is a poor winner...

We have also been playing with new toys,

playing in the snow,

and making lots of fried egg sandwiches and eating them on fun Christmas dishes.

4 days left!


Molly said...

I'm coming and stealing that crispy turkey bacon. It's calling me.

C. Beth said...

Mmm, that bacon looks good to me too. :) And I love kids bundled up in the snow! We don't really get snow here.

Sorry I haven't been around; I got REALLY behind on blog reading! Playing catch-up now.