Monday, December 7, 2009

give a little

My friend Julie wants to teach her daughter "the other Ellie" that Christmas is more than getting gifts. Good lesson. One I thought my Ellie should learn too. So we joined them for a little trip to pick out a toy to donate to Toys for Tots. Fortunately, IHOP is a drop off spot so afterwards, we all enjoyed some pancakes.

Here the girls are in the princess aisle. Hm. A hard decision.

This cart could work! No. Too bulky.

Little Sadie was there just enjoying her cukes.

Electronics? Hm, probably not. We finally decided on a horse, an apron set, a minnie mouse and Memory. Good choices.

We made the girls do it all. Getting some change, which Ellie wanted to keep. Ha. Good try sister.

Dropping off the toys.

Trying to get a good shot. The other Ellie was just SOEXCITED!

Pancake stupor.

So thanks Julie for letting us join you. I think our Ellie's had fun!

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Shannon said...

What a great thing to get the girls to do!!