Wednesday, December 9, 2009

around the house - Christmas edition!

Ok, so my technical difficulties have been figured out...

I love to put my Christmas stuff out. Most of it is stuff from when I was a child and I love the fact that Ellie will grow up with the same Christmas stuff that I did. All of it has some memory or another. Man. I miss my mom this time of year most of all.

Our tree. I am convinced there is no good way to take a picture of a christmas tree.

A shot of the mantle.

A framed shot of Ellie's first Christmas which will always have a place of importance.

My favorite nativity from childhood. I say favorite cause I have about 4. This one plays away in a manger. I had to put it out of reach cause if something happened to it, I would be, um, mad.

Nesting nativity. Ellie is huge into nesting dolls and I have started her a little collection.

A broad shot of the mantle.

One of my favorite ornaments. Ever since I can remember, my aunt Linda has gotten me a Santa ornament. I have so many that they are about all that makes the tree anymore. That does not make me old. I don't have THAT many.

Little Elf. He has sat at the top of every christmas tree I have ever had. Ever.

Some vintage linens that were my mothers. They just don't make stuff like this anymore.

Dining room table set-up. Again, vintage linens.

How old are these things? I love it though. It always hung outside on our garage when I was growing up.

Fun christmas dishes. More vintage linens.

2 little hearts that always hang out inside the tree. I bought them for my mom and me the christmas before she died. One says mother and one says daughter. When Ellie leaves home (sob!) she will get the daughter one (or the mother one, haven't decided??) to take to put on her tree.

Ellie's playmobile nativity. Do you know how many pieces this thing has? She loves it though. It hangs out under the tree in her room.

and what is it about seasonal coffee and a fun Santa mug that makes every day better?

So I hope you enjoyed this little looky-loo into my Christmas! Come December 26, this stuff comes down! While I love it love it love it, I am so ready to take it down every year.


forever folding laundry said...

Wow - that 'Noel' sign is really taking me back! I had totally forgotten about those!

Everything looks lovely - great job!!


Molly Hoag said...

I love that you love all the old ornaments from your childhood. I do the same thing and I too miss my mom at Christmas time. I showed every ornament to Melissa this year as I put up the tree.

C. Beth said...

Oh my goodness, I LOOOVE that nesting nativity!!