Wednesday, December 23, 2009

big questions

Last night, we had just settled on the couch after putting Ellie to bed and I was exhausted! We didn't even leave the house yesterday but the kid had run me ragged all day and I was DONE!

Just as we got comfortable:


Secretly I am thinking how relieved I am that she was calling for her Daddy and not me. I wasn't sure I could muster up the strength to make it up two flights of stairs, for her to tell me she was picking a fingernail or to ask for more books. Seriously. She will call us urgently and when we get up there, will tell us some totally inane tidbit. Drives us nuts! Why go up then? Because experience has taught us that ignoring does NOT work. She will call for hours.

So anyhoo, I am relaxed on the couch staring at a paused Matthew McConnahey (bonus! we were watching Ghosts of Girlfriends Past) and I can hear a lengthy conversation going on in the monitor. I hear words like, honey, and die, and whimpers. I am intrigued and again, thankful that Daddy went up.

Chris comes down the stairs, hand over heart and preceded to tell me that when he got up there, Ellie asked him, in tears, if she was going to die.


Apparently she is afraid that since she is getting older (as we are always telling her what a big girl she is) she is going to die soon.

Bless her little heart.

So Chris preceded to explain that we were all going to be together for a really, really long time and that none of us were old that she had nothing to worry about. That seemed to work for now.

Poor little thing. I remember worrying about things like that. About my parents dying and myself getting old. Hell, I worry even more now about getting old (now that I am starting to see some early signs...where did those wrinklies around my eye come from? Grody!)

So big questions are getting asked around here these days. Many more to come, I am sure.

Did I mention how glad I was that Chris got this one??


Miss Leslie said...

Braeden told my mother the other day that he loves his Bubbin and when he dies he wants us to put Bubbin(his stuffed bunny) with him. Really at 7 yrs old this is what he thinks about. Our kids grow up so fast, despite how hard we try to protect their childhoods.
Good job with that one Chris.

Molly said...

awwwww....poor thing! Morgan went through a phase of being obsessed with people dying....her AND us. Scary stuff at that age!

C. Beth said...

Oh my goodness! Poor kiddo. It sounds like he handled it well!