Monday, November 30, 2009


I just had one of those weekends I will remember forever. It was sogood! I don't know if it was the fact that everyone was together, or that for the first time, Ellie really enjoyed herself, but I just loved it! Everything was low-key. Lots of food and games and fireplaces.

The big girls took such good care of Ellie and were so patient with her. She wants to be with them allthetime and I am sure she got to be a little pesky, but they let her in on their fun. She even got to fall asleep with them. At 1:30 am. Yup. She's a crazy girl. I think 10:30 was the earliest she got to sleep all weekend. Yesterday when we were watching the Colts, Ellie got really quiet upstairs and when I went to go check on her, she had made a little nest on our bed and was conked out! That never happens.

On Friday night, we left all the kids at home and went to a nearby golf course for drinks and dancing. This is the first time the big girls (12 & 13) have been old enough to watch Ellie.

Us adults had a great time. My family is fun!

Here we are cutting a rug.

Me and my Daddy.

Group shot. There are about 5 people in this shot we don't even know. They were just invited to join the shot.

Molesting a statue.

Lots of love...

So, thanks family. It was swell.
Oh. And by the way, I was Gin champion 2009. THANKYOUVERYMUCH!!


Paige said...

To clarify--gin champion night-after-thanksgiving 2009 only...someone else ( won every other day.

Molly said...

your Dad looks great!

What fun!