Monday, October 26, 2009

sense of style?

We have entered the "dress yourself" phase. Most days she wants to wear shorts and tank tops, which unfortunately is just too cold to do. I had to put them all away so she would quit asking. In the summer, she wanted to wear sweatshirts. Silly kid.

I fought her for awhile and then realized, this is a battle that, most days, I can lose. I mean, who cares if she wears a striped shirt with flowery pants and red christmas shoes to the grocery? Not me. She thinks she looks gorgeous and that is the most important thing. Right? I used to look at moms and wonder why their kids were dressed so weird. I get it now. I do make sure she looks cute on school days but other than that, I let her dress herself for the most part. Sometimes she has on 3 or 4 outfits a day. I let her as long as she folds up what she has taken off and puts it back in her drawer.

She also hates anything constricting. Jeans especially. I hope it passes, because her tushy looks so cute in jeans! She also hates it if anything gets wet. Must change immediatly if that happens. So weird.

In the above pic, she dressed herself. Blue polka dot dress with orange and green striped leggings. Kinda Punky Brewster, but totally cute I thought.

Also, when we go shopping she wants to pick out her own stuff. "Mommy! This is totally cute!" Lord help me.

Don't even get me started on this girl and shoes.

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