Tuesday, October 6, 2009

around the house - fall edition!

Here is another edition of around my house! This time, lets look at the fall stuff!

Ellie and I were at the park the other day and I packed my pockets with acorns. I looked like a damn squirrel walking to the car with acorns falling all over the place. Here is the end result!

We made these last year and I was delighted when I opened my fall decorations and realized I had saved them. What's even more exciting, they sway when the furnace kicks on!

Can you spot why the sign was in the .50 bin?

Just some mantle pretties.

3 little guys.

More mantle pretties.

This little guy holds some candy corn. Great place to sit and read and munch!

Great orange shoes I just picked up!

This guy was mine growing up. He is what you would call "vintage." One of my very favorites.


A little pumpkin spice burning.

She greets you as you come in the back door.

My favorite hat Ellie has. My little pumpkin girl.

He's just taking a rest in the mums.

Horrible pic, but our front door decor.

Pretty yellow mum.

So there you have it. My house in the fall. We are going to the pumpkin patch on Saturday so I will have lots of pics for that I am sure...


Izz said...

There is an E at the end of WelcomE!!!! hahahahah nice Tia!!!!!

shelley said...

You are welcom(e) (lol) to come decorate my house any time! Yours looks great!

leslie said...

When i was little my brother and his friends and I used to have big acorn fights in the yard. One year i thought I was being smart and stock piled a whole grocery bag full and put them in my closet. They hatched little white worm things which then ate thru the bag and decided to live in my carpet. My mom had to call an exterminator to spray and comb them out of the carpet. Real acorns in the house= bad.

Molly said...

So cute!!!! Come do mine now!

Mommas Soapbox said...

the guilt......after looking at your site it is setting in...

Your home looks adorable. Love the fall decorations...

I started and haven't picked back up again...... I had to clean up feathers my animals decided i didn't need the feather bed anymore....then the rugrats had a camp out party.....and you know..... LIFE...... Life is sucking the life outta me.

That made sense in my head... sad I know... lol

Great decorations! I think I should get off my bootie and stop bloggin and start decorating.... ;)

thanks for sharing!