Saturday, October 3, 2009

a berry pickin' and delicious breakfast morning

Chris is out of town with his buds this weekend so Megan and I took Ellie berry picking. It was a great way to spend a morning. I think I have mentioned before tha Megan is my "cool" friend who knows all the neat places to go and she didn't dissapoint this morning. We went to Sweet Melissa's for breaky and it was divine. See pic below for proof.

Megs in the giant raspberry chair

Raspberry girls

Walking to pick the berries.

She got some!

My best girl

She was singing while she was picking.

At breakfast. Huggin'

See! Divine! I had a bacon, egg, cheese and fried green tomato sandwich. Before your meal comes out, you get a little bowl of fruit and a scone. Nice! Oh and I tried grits. Not a fan of grits...


Heather said...

looks like fun! You are definitely a hat person you know some people can wear them and others not so much!

Sschraed said...

Great were great and looked like a fun time!