Tuesday, October 13, 2009

second fiddle

My daugther so prefers her Daddy these days. The minute he gets home, I am totally forgotten and sometimes even asked to go away. Ouch.

Now, Chris does do his fair share of discipline (and you all know from here what an excellent father and husband he is), but he, by far, gets to be the "fun parent" right now and that is just a bummer for me. Of course he wants to see her when he gets home. He doesn't get to see her everysinglesecond of the day like I do.

I am the one cooking a healthy meal (while Daddy is playing), and cleaning up messes (while Daddy is playing), and saying "bedtime!". Hell, no wonder she prefers him!

Is this how all mothers feel? Is this how my mom felt when I only wanted my Daddy? It took me having a daughter to really appreciate my mother and I never got to tell her how much I appreciate her. That makes me sad.

I am thrilled she loves her Daddy as much as he loves her. But man! Give me some sugar! Maybe someday? When boys are yucky?


Molly said...

Oh yes. Do you know how many times I have spent all day long slaving over my kids only to have them drop whatever they're doing when Chris walks in the door and yell "DADDYYYYYYY!!!!" *sigh* It means you are raising a happy healthy child. and, it means you're doing a darn good job! :)

Heather said...

you are spot on with that! I feel your pain. She will respect you and appreciate you far more then you will ever know. That closeness with her dad is important,he is teaching her how important she should be to a man and just how special she is. That way she will grow up and pick the perfect guy for her just the way you did! Now aren't you glad you ask you got a free therapy session. You are doing great Tia and I am very sorry you can't share this with your mom.

shelley said...

I feel ya' on that one. One day I was even told that I should go to work and daddy should stay home... It's all part of the mommy gig... :)