Thursday, July 16, 2009

top 10 pool moments

10. Diving off the diving board like a kid again. Of course, I lost my bottoms and got water up my nose but it was so worth it.

9. Spending time with my good friend Liz.

8. Watching Ellie chow down her snack at break time.

7. Getting yelled at for taking pics at the pool. What is the world coming too? Are there that many perverts out there?

6. Watching Liz walk around the pool with baby Bella in the sling. She is such a good mama.

5. Watching Ellie go under water and blow bubbles. What a brave girl. Need swim lessons ASAP!

4. Totally getting hit on by a teenager. Seriously. At first I just thought he was being friendly but he was totally flirting with me. Oh yeah. I still got it. Can you say MILF? Totally made my year. Going to say totally one more time. Totally.

3. Getting a great pic for future blackmailing: Meet the nose picker and the hobbit!

2. The completly satisfying exhaustion that comes from a day at the pool.

1. Spending a great day with my best girl.


Shannon said...

TOTALLY fun times! I can't wait for pool days :o)

Molly said...

Getting yelled at!!!?? By whom? And why??

I laughed out loud at "the hobbit" too funny