Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the mall - in numbers

Today we went to the mall. Here it is broken down in numbers:
tanks of gas filled - 1
slice of pizza eaten - 1
crunchwrap consumed (couldn't resist, I can actually feel my butt growing) - 1
Hello Kitty headband bought - 1
times to potty - 2
shoes ellie tried on - 24
sweaters ellie tried on - 1
pants ellie tried on - 1
laps ellie ran in H&M in underpants - 1 - don't ask, long story.
times in and out of the stroller - 12
books read - 7
cups of drool lost over Edward Cullen poster - 1.5
times Ellie's hair was mentioned by strangers - 4 (yes, it is blond. yes, it is curly.)
stores mommy got to go in - 0
phone calls taken - 2
texts sent - 13
times Ellie got knocked down in the play area - 2
songs sung - 5
laughs from strangers due to songs being sung loudly while walking down mall - 15
number of future mall trips I am looking foward too - as many as possible!
God bless my girl. I love her so much.


Miss Leslie said...

I am sooo jealous, I can't wait till my girl comes!

Molly said...

so cute!

and don't you love it when they ask you if it is naturally blond or naturally curly? Um, no, I color and perm my 3 year olds hair you idiot!

Shannon said...

I get the SAME hair comments about Jaden :o) My favorite is, "Where does she get that red hair from??" Uh... it's the same color as mine, I just have more!

C. Beth said...

How fun! I'm glad you want to go back after such a busy day--that could have been a good or bad experience. :) I admit I hardly ever go to the mall anymore...but when the kids are bigger I might.